February 28, 2006

Potty Mouth Simon Brace

- Warning! Graphic Language. -

Simon continues with the trademark tongue:

Fuck everyone else...they're not reallyhere!

It's just u and me kid

What The Heck Is Simon Smoking?

When asked for his views on Tony O'Clery's post on Hitler and Stalin, Simon Brace replied:

Well, it was kinda jumbled up!
In the end...saying nothing - in effect.
This is terrible! But..
it never happened!

So it's all okay then?

Er,.. say that again?

Ahem, Mr. Professor Sir..

I say sooooooooo many wise things..
i can't keep track! :-)

Simon Brace - RACIST!

- Warning! Graphic Language. -

In a very shocking post on GuruRatings, Simon Brace is found to use racist language and ethnic slurs in an exchange with another person with regards to Anglo-French history:

"Fuck you Frenchie! It's about time you got over waterloo eh!"

Although he then qualified this with "Actually.. i'm a quater french :-)", there is no reason to engage in vile racism and referring to historical conflicts as a way of engendering discrimination.

Simon Falls Off The Wagon

After relentlessly torturing Sai Baba's critics for imagined perversions and supposed moral lapses, Simon finally admits that he has fallen off the wagon in regards to his own addiction to alcohol:

"Well I had a little drink...but I still think i'd be lost here."

Continuing Obsession With Sex

In response to the rhetorical question 'Were we ever going anywhere?', Simon retorts:

Well, we were never gonna be lovers, or anything like that!

Apart from the worrying obsession with sex and love issues, we see that this is also continuing the homo-erotic flirtation with other males.

Simon 'Anal'yses Hitler

On Hitler, Simon had the following comment to make:

Well, maybe he was just an evil bugger?
Had strong desires ...

Perhaps so, but why the need for anal metaphors?

Simon Should Take His Own Advice

If I happen to be...well, lets say, a thorn, instead of a rose
in someones experience/perception, then it's 'nice', to drop
out of sight. Something like that!

Oh! I shall admit too, that personally, I am concerned with
what others think of me. Yeah...
I know I know..
that is an ego thing.
But, hey! That's why i'm here ... talking to you!
Still gotta a few lifetimes left, before this soul 'attains'! :-)

No kidding.

Arguing For Arguments Sake

The following comment from Simon Brace on GuruRatings attracted my attention:

Fine. Argueing for arguments sake, I can do without!

Yet on the SathyaSaiBaba2 board, Simon Brace argues endlessly with various critics of Sai Baba with no end in sight! Also interesting in when he comments:

Why do you always seek to argue - to get 'one over'?

Hah! Perhaps Simon should try looking at his face in the mirror one of these days.

Simon's Increasing Obsession With Pedophilia

One thing that is utterly queer about Simon Brace is his stubborn insistence that he is right in spite of contradictory evidence. More worryingly, he states here that evidence for a proposition is secondary and that a state of being "plain and clear for all to see" has more importance.

To wit, Simon Brace insists that I am a paedophile simply because it is "obvious" and despite the lack of hard evidence. If you don't believe me, see for yourself:

"it is one of those situations that arise, when the truth is PLAIN AND CLEAR TO SEE. In these situations, 'proving it' - legally at least, is secondary."

This fellow obviously has no idea about the due process of law, even avoiding a question as to his whereabouts in order to initiate legal proceedings against him for slander and libel. No wonder, I guess it's very easy and comfortable to sit behind a computer screen and abuse people as 'anonymously' as possible. Ditto for Lisa De Witt and Gerald Moreno, they too appear to have scant regard for legality.

Here are a selection of comments from Simon within just one post, where he indiscriminately flings accusations about his newest obsession, paedophilia:

"You're a pervert, and we all KNOW IT!"

"As for evidence..there's more than enough of that, to show that you a pervert."

"But WE all know, the truth of the matter!"

"We know!"

"You are a pervert, and you should seek help."


"You know how they have these pedophile watch 'things', these day? I'm sure that you would be a prime candidate for such a list. Yes, i'm sure of it!"

"Humiliation, in the way that you feel - for being exposed as a pedophile?"

"You life is a sham, and a perversity. You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Yes, folks, this all comes from a guy who openly expresses homo-erotic sentiments for males, has a possible gender identity crisis, swears a lot and is now making references to buggery. That's excluding all of the pedophilia stuff above.

It makes you wonder what goes in the mind of this guy, as well as the minds of those who he closely associates with.

Simon Brace: Disowning Sai Baba as Guru?

When Simon pretended to ask innocently what people meant when they were referring to his guru, another poster on GuruRatings suggested Sai Baba or Maitreya. To this, Simon replied:

they inspire me...through direct experience i know of their reality, and accept 'that'. Guru, is open to interpretation. Maitreya is nobodys guru. Sai Baba? Maybe, maybe not..

It appears here that Simon is being incredibly vague with his answer. It is unclear whether he means Sai Baba is 'maybe or maybe not' the guru of other people, or whether he means that Sai Baba is 'maybe, maybe not' his own guru.

At the very least and judging from this incredibly vague reply, it suggests that Simon Brace has now joined the clique of guru-deniers who, when their activities suggest a continuing affliliation with said guru, make all efforts to deny any connection. No wonder, considering that the guru in question - Sai Baba - is a reported homosexual paedophile with connections to murders and financial scandals amongst other things.

Make Of This What You Will

sublimial..tublimial..rubmealittle..what's the difference?

February 27, 2006

Anal Sex Obsession

Looks like Simon Brace cannot stop with the sexual references. This time it's buggery:

"sai buggered if i know!"

I love the phrasing. It's almost like an admission of Sai Baba's buggery. :-)

February 26, 2006

Simon Thinks Swearing At People "Great Fun"

In relation to Simon's comment about Tony O'Clery being a "fuckin liar" at GuruRatings, he says:

"It was GREAT FUN, Sanjay! Others thought so too."

There you have it. Brace thinks it's great and hilarious to abuse people, and is encouraged by the fact that his friends think on the same lines. What more need be said for this follower of Sai Baba, who pays scant attention to the latter's teachings on sat-sanga?

February 22, 2006

MORE bad language from Simon Brace!

Message http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GuruRatings/message/96593 is entitled:

"what a fuckin liar!"

Simon's Homo-Erotic Flirtation Avec Un Homme

I was most surprised to see Simon openly flirting with Jody Radzik on the GuruRatings forum. For those who do not know, Jody is the brains behind Guruphiliac - a satirical blog that takes the Michael out of gurus, Sai Baba included of course.

It's kind of funny to see how the initial exchange took place. For the sake of convenience I've placed the comments in an easy-to-read format:

Simon: Hey jody..its been nice not arguing with you.

Jody: That's because I have been ignoring you.

Simon: we have differebt views though...somtimes, well often, i dont say anything cos i know that itwill result in a fight.

Jody: That's because you say stupid things.

Simon: being nicer...if it is done with awareness could well get you closer to your self

Jody: There's one of those stupid things.

Simon: to manifesting yourself, perhasps i should say isn't it habits? vasanas? being this..being that... if with awareness those things...that nastiness is' dropped' then the real...the SELf.. it, can then, with more fluidity manifest

Jody: Wrong. The Self has nothing to do with our actions in the world. We can pretend to emulate the Self, but all we are doing is emulating what we pretend the Self to be.

Simon: ahimsa is said in eosteric circles, to be the most powerful force for good.

Jody: Esoteric circles go nowhere.

Simon: be nice! its good! being nasty... well the Self is not that!

Jody: Neither is it nice.

Simon: only the separative ego mind, is that.. can be that! so if 'you' are that (nasty) then you are farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from manifesting the self and so, in effect...niceness can! be very helpful in progreess to the Self

Jody: Only the "separative ego mind" can be nice. Nasty and niceness are completely part of the world, and have as much to do with the Self as my dog's ass. I'm nasty because it's honest. I honestly feel nasty when I encounter the kind of ignorance you parade around here. As a person, I'm sure you are very nice, and those who know me personally know I am the same, but I will not cotton to the moronic musings of a theosophy-infected nincompoop.
Sorry Sai, but everything you say is what I know to occlude the truth. You can expect me to be nasty whenever you try to tell me any of this. You are better off complaining about Tony [O'Clery] to those you are trying to be friendly with.

Having been so soundly thrashed by Jody, it would be unsderstandable if Simon was left deeply hurt by this exchange. Instead, he raised a few eyebrows (including mine) with this response. To keep it easy to read, I'll also include Jody's last comments to keep up the flow of conversation (!):

Jody: That's because I have been ignoring you.

Simon: you don't love me?

Jody: That's because you say stupid things.

Simon: can we get it on?

Jody: There's one of those stupid things.

Simon: if i said you had a beautiful body.. would u hold it agaisnyt me?

Jody: Wrong.

Simon: oooh...you really dont love me do you?

Jody: The Self has nothing to do with our actions in the world. We can pretend to emulate the Self, but all we are doing is emulating what we pretend the Self to be.

Simon: nothing to do with? but how do we act, then?

Jody: Esoteric circles go nowhere.

Simon: not even round and round?

Jody: Neither is it nice.

Simon: love is not its greatest expression, 'here'?

Jody: Only the "separative ego mind" can be nice. Nasty and niceness are completely part of the world, and have as much to do with the Self as my dog's ass.

Simon: not exactly.. the mind that is rroted in oness, can be nice too! in fact...that is very very nice! [rooted or rotted? ;-)]

Yeah whatever. Jody's hilarious response to some of the pertinent questions follows:

Simon: you don't love me?

Jody: Sometimes we must be mean to those we love.

Simon: can we get it on?

Jody: Er... no.

Simon: if i said you had a beautiful body.. would u hold it agaisnyt me?

Jody: Yes.

Simon: oooh...you really dont love me do you?

Jody: I love all beings. But sometimes some beings need a good shake.

And Simon's final response concludes with the following exchange:

you don't love me?

Jody: Sometimes we must be mean to those we love.

So we can kiss and make up later?

Er... no.

Mmm...playing hard to get!


Or maybe not so hard?? I just knew you couldnt resist me:-)

I love all beings. But sometimes some beings need a good shake.
Simon: Well.. we can talk about that privately. I'm no prude..but i get a little shy.

Ahem, is that so? And just for the cherry on top, see how Simon signs off:

Ooooh..lopve to love you baby

Yes, you read it right. Either he has forgotten his own name or he has some serious gender identity crisis going on. Either way I think that this exchange shows clearly how Simon Brace is unarguably a total whackhead with latent homosexual urges, and that's just putting it mildly.

February 21, 2006

Simon Keeps On Ranting

I would like to give comment on this, especially with all the spelling mistakes and all, but why mess with it's genius? See if you can make any sense of this:

Thank you Sarlo..appreciatethat.
i really try hard here not to say antything about sb..
i really do.
Even though - at least to my mind..i can refute everything
that tonmy says. I dont do.
that is not easy!
even plain lies that can be documently - provably be refuted
i don't do...well hardly ever now.
I am not perfect, and sometimes i may find it difficult to srtay
I appreciate that a lot here - including you do not want
to hear of SB...and i really try to honour that!
I really do!
just would like you to be aware of this..that i am
not seeking to promote him....or eeven mention him!

I believe that tony thinksSB to be guilty
But tony..like i do, knows that he lies prolifically
and he knows that the anti-sais, lie and fabricate
prolifically...he knows this!

So he understands where i am coming from.
he probably thinks that the ends justify the means
they dont. he doesnt know anything..and he knows it.
he believes, what he believes..but he hasn't experienced
and that.,..as i see it..is the crux of it
he never experienced SB when he was a devotee
i could say why that be the case!
ok...i will!
he was always too enmeshed in his ego!
big ego...SB..domt wanna know!
cos whats trhe point?
when the syudent is ready...
you know the rest.
A student with big ego..is not ready.
its a sham.
and so he never experienced anything.
It's well known...those with big ego...get the blank treatment
that is the workshop. the best teaching.
Tolny has big ego..want s to be this...wants to be that..
but hes pretending...hes not ready to surrender

that is why he nevr experienced SB!
Sincere people ... experience him the world over!
He was not sincere..hge get jealous..
he think..well bllooddy hell! why not i get honoured?
he a pretender...and he know it.

I actually dont carry on with tony on other boards
i gave that up..no point to it
if u notice though..
soon as i come back here..
WHAM! Tony appears too!
taunting me, and tryting to provoke
opk...i be quiet now..
i try not to respond to him..say anything more

i know i'm ranting right now!
sometimnes it flows...

Well the last part is true, certainly. :-)

Simon Brace Composes Vulgar Nursery Rhymes


By way of his irreverent sense of humour, it appears that Brace has his own spin on a popular romantic slogan that has appeared in endless variations in greeting cards galore.

In the midst of enquiring as to the whereabouts of a GuruRatings member, poems in her honour were invited. Simon's contribution is as follows:

Roeses are red
violets are blue
my names sai
who the f**k are u?

Creative, huh? It almosts sounds like something that Sai Baba might say!

Funny, considering what Simon said just three days ago to someone who mocked his guru:

Youre normally MUCH more graphic and downright FILTHY
than this!
Let it flow.......man..let it all out..
what are u afraid of?

just dont get too filty thoug eh!
dont think you will though...u dont want people to know
what you're RERALLY like..do you?

Looks to me that the never-ending hypocrisy continues to tighten it's grip.

Is Simon a Boxer?

Make up your own minds:

Sai: Ok, but I gotta tell ya..
you're gonna need a jolly good ref, Larry.

Tony's a wise old son of a gun!
He know's his way around the ring alright.
Sure, he'll trip up often..
but he's a dirty fighter i tell ya!
It's not for nothing, that he draws attention
to, 'bollocks', often.
and if that ref ain't on the ball..
well you can bet old 'Surya', will be singing
like one of the 'bee gees' soon enough..
It'll only be a matter of time, before
Tony pulls the old, "What's that up there"?
trick..and while everyone's distracted for
a split sec, instead of saying,
'it's a load of bollocks'...
poor old Surya will have been kicked in 'em!


Simon Brace On Anti-Sai 'Wanted' Criminals

In response to a posting of Hans de Kraker's experiences with Sai Baba on the GuruRatings forum, Simon had the following remarks to offer for out consideration:

Sai: Is this the guy that has diappeared...
because there is a warrant for his arrest in India?

Er, just in case Simon Brace is in posession of top-secret information that we don't have, we'll be interested to know the circumstances of de Kraker's arrest warrant. When was it issued, who by, and by which agency?

Or if Simon is deliberately telling porkies, surely he deserves a smack? Or two?

David and faye bailey
you mean that guy that had allegations made against him of sexual abuse?
That guy that has been PROVEN..yes 'proven' to be a liar?

Well, as usual Simon gives scant details for his allegations. Is it really worth the time and the effort to ask what exactly David Bailey is supposedly lying about?

Faye bailey..ye, i know her!
She lied to me! Personally...she lied to me!
Told me of how wonderful, and how many healings had happened
as a result of Sai Babas charged lingham water..
and then said in 'the findings' (the thing that started everything
off) that the water was useless!
a liar, and a liar..
oh...and a wanted criminal!

So now, wait a minute, now it's Faye Bailey who's the wanted criminal? The same standard ten applies: Where's the arrest warrant? When was it issued, who by, and by which agency?

Not for one minute does anyone care about any 'lingam water'.



Unfortunately for Simon it's not as simple as that, as he needs to be taught again and again.

February 20, 2006

Simon Brace's views on ExBaba.Com

Sai: yeah i know...it looks impressive!
looks 'true' untill that is...you go deeeper
really get to the fsacts
can't do that there though...a site that is run by a pervert
himself, a man that sticks up for a convicted pedophile
(not allegation) a man that is a fundamentalist christian
(don't like indian hoily men!)

Here, Brace alleges that ExBaba.Com is run by a perverted Christian fundamentalist who defends convicted paedophiles, in response to an anti-Sai critic. Does this make sense to you? ExBaba.Com's mission statement is: "to inform the public about a number of disconcerting reports that must be painful to many of Sai Baba's devotees." It is not the business of ExBaba.Com to worry about other paedophiles - convicted or not - unless they have some relevance to the Sai Baba situation.

Does it really matter if Sai Baba is a 'hoily' man or not? Those careless spelling mistakes do draw a wry smile; does Sai Baba apply oil? Is it holy oil, rendering it 'hoily'?

a site that has bee documented EXTEMSIVELY to be a
site of fabrication...made up of pathological liars...like yourself!

Yeah...i know it can look convincing on the surface..
but underneath..when u REALLY investigate - as the authoritys have done.
it turns out like your vision of things..

Perhaps Brace might like to tell us exactly how ExBaba.Com constitutes a site of fabrication? There are numerous well-researched articles hosted there, as well as some unarguable and revealing analyses of Sai Baba's own documented contradictions. It isn't easy to scream 'fabrication!' in a hit-and-run attack without providing some sort of example or evidence.

'nothing ever happened'

thats why...no one has even ATTEMPTED to go to court.
Despite, "world class resourses"..no one has even tried!

Maybe that's because the guy that offered those resoursees
has been clearly shown to be a liar?

Hmm, what's he talking about now? Is Simon Brace in touch with our legal department and representatives in order to conclusively state that they are "liars"? At least this last comment shows that Brace is a poor dittohead of Gerald Moreno's, unable to apply his own reasoning and logic to the situation and wholly relying on the inept and uninformed research of someone else. Repeating and enlarging on the arguments of somebody else is not a good way to go about making your mark. What was that about credibility again?

February 01, 2006

Pro-Sai Movie Buffs

First Gerald Moreno insinuates that he has seen the Harry Potter movies (though claims not to have read the books), we now have Simon who appears to have watched 'Toy Story', or possibly 'Toy Story 2'.

"Sai: I agree, WHOLE-heartedly, Durga! You can become 'enlightened' (big one!) at any moment; but... you have to be ripe! Just like that juicy peach on the tree ... well, not quite juicy just yet - but at any moment, it shall become so.. after, it has completed it's 'process'. If it's a week away from becoming ripe, then no way josie..can it become ripe, today! And so it is, with the incarnating soul ... life after life, it purifys - refines - transmutes matter, untill finally, one grand and blessed day, whoooooooooooooosh.... infinity and beyond! Just like that peach ... free falling now, weeeeeeeee... freed from it's prison of a vehicle."

Simon's candid description of attaining enlightenment can be found here:


"To Infinity and Beyond" is the catchphrase of Buzz Lightyear, the central character in the children's movie 'Toy Story'.

Lisa De Witt was compared to Smeagol some time ago. Since I have no idea who Smeagol is, I googled and found out that it was the name of a rather abusive and nasty character in the 'Lord of the Rings' movie. Since Lisa De Witt is observable as an abusive and nasty character, I find it to be a fitting comparison.

Why do the pro-Sais watch such childish movies?