February 21, 2006

Simon Brace On Anti-Sai 'Wanted' Criminals

In response to a posting of Hans de Kraker's experiences with Sai Baba on the GuruRatings forum, Simon had the following remarks to offer for out consideration:

Sai: Is this the guy that has diappeared...
because there is a warrant for his arrest in India?

Er, just in case Simon Brace is in posession of top-secret information that we don't have, we'll be interested to know the circumstances of de Kraker's arrest warrant. When was it issued, who by, and by which agency?

Or if Simon is deliberately telling porkies, surely he deserves a smack? Or two?

David and faye bailey
you mean that guy that had allegations made against him of sexual abuse?
That guy that has been PROVEN..yes 'proven' to be a liar?

Well, as usual Simon gives scant details for his allegations. Is it really worth the time and the effort to ask what exactly David Bailey is supposedly lying about?

Faye bailey..ye, i know her!
She lied to me! Personally...she lied to me!
Told me of how wonderful, and how many healings had happened
as a result of Sai Babas charged lingham water..
and then said in 'the findings' (the thing that started everything
off) that the water was useless!
a liar, and a liar..
oh...and a wanted criminal!

So now, wait a minute, now it's Faye Bailey who's the wanted criminal? The same standard ten applies: Where's the arrest warrant? When was it issued, who by, and by which agency?

Not for one minute does anyone care about any 'lingam water'.



Unfortunately for Simon it's not as simple as that, as he needs to be taught again and again.


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