February 28, 2006

Simon Brace: Disowning Sai Baba as Guru?

When Simon pretended to ask innocently what people meant when they were referring to his guru, another poster on GuruRatings suggested Sai Baba or Maitreya. To this, Simon replied:

they inspire me...through direct experience i know of their reality, and accept 'that'. Guru, is open to interpretation. Maitreya is nobodys guru. Sai Baba? Maybe, maybe not..

It appears here that Simon is being incredibly vague with his answer. It is unclear whether he means Sai Baba is 'maybe or maybe not' the guru of other people, or whether he means that Sai Baba is 'maybe, maybe not' his own guru.

At the very least and judging from this incredibly vague reply, it suggests that Simon Brace has now joined the clique of guru-deniers who, when their activities suggest a continuing affliliation with said guru, make all efforts to deny any connection. No wonder, considering that the guru in question - Sai Baba - is a reported homosexual paedophile with connections to murders and financial scandals amongst other things.


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