February 20, 2006

Simon Brace's views on ExBaba.Com

Sai: yeah i know...it looks impressive!
looks 'true' untill that is...you go deeeper
really get to the fsacts
can't do that there though...a site that is run by a pervert
himself, a man that sticks up for a convicted pedophile
(not allegation) a man that is a fundamentalist christian
(don't like indian hoily men!)

Here, Brace alleges that ExBaba.Com is run by a perverted Christian fundamentalist who defends convicted paedophiles, in response to an anti-Sai critic. Does this make sense to you? ExBaba.Com's mission statement is: "to inform the public about a number of disconcerting reports that must be painful to many of Sai Baba's devotees." It is not the business of ExBaba.Com to worry about other paedophiles - convicted or not - unless they have some relevance to the Sai Baba situation.

Does it really matter if Sai Baba is a 'hoily' man or not? Those careless spelling mistakes do draw a wry smile; does Sai Baba apply oil? Is it holy oil, rendering it 'hoily'?

a site that has bee documented EXTEMSIVELY to be a
site of fabrication...made up of pathological liars...like yourself!

Yeah...i know it can look convincing on the surface..
but underneath..when u REALLY investigate - as the authoritys have done.
it turns out like your vision of things..

Perhaps Brace might like to tell us exactly how ExBaba.Com constitutes a site of fabrication? There are numerous well-researched articles hosted there, as well as some unarguable and revealing analyses of Sai Baba's own documented contradictions. It isn't easy to scream 'fabrication!' in a hit-and-run attack without providing some sort of example or evidence.

'nothing ever happened'

thats why...no one has even ATTEMPTED to go to court.
Despite, "world class resourses"..no one has even tried!

Maybe that's because the guy that offered those resoursees
has been clearly shown to be a liar?

Hmm, what's he talking about now? Is Simon Brace in touch with our legal department and representatives in order to conclusively state that they are "liars"? At least this last comment shows that Brace is a poor dittohead of Gerald Moreno's, unable to apply his own reasoning and logic to the situation and wholly relying on the inept and uninformed research of someone else. Repeating and enlarging on the arguments of somebody else is not a good way to go about making your mark. What was that about credibility again?


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