February 28, 2006

Simon's Increasing Obsession With Pedophilia

One thing that is utterly queer about Simon Brace is his stubborn insistence that he is right in spite of contradictory evidence. More worryingly, he states here that evidence for a proposition is secondary and that a state of being "plain and clear for all to see" has more importance.

To wit, Simon Brace insists that I am a paedophile simply because it is "obvious" and despite the lack of hard evidence. If you don't believe me, see for yourself:

"it is one of those situations that arise, when the truth is PLAIN AND CLEAR TO SEE. In these situations, 'proving it' - legally at least, is secondary."

This fellow obviously has no idea about the due process of law, even avoiding a question as to his whereabouts in order to initiate legal proceedings against him for slander and libel. No wonder, I guess it's very easy and comfortable to sit behind a computer screen and abuse people as 'anonymously' as possible. Ditto for Lisa De Witt and Gerald Moreno, they too appear to have scant regard for legality.

Here are a selection of comments from Simon within just one post, where he indiscriminately flings accusations about his newest obsession, paedophilia:

"You're a pervert, and we all KNOW IT!"

"As for evidence..there's more than enough of that, to show that you a pervert."

"But WE all know, the truth of the matter!"

"We know!"

"You are a pervert, and you should seek help."


"You know how they have these pedophile watch 'things', these day? I'm sure that you would be a prime candidate for such a list. Yes, i'm sure of it!"

"Humiliation, in the way that you feel - for being exposed as a pedophile?"

"You life is a sham, and a perversity. You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Yes, folks, this all comes from a guy who openly expresses homo-erotic sentiments for males, has a possible gender identity crisis, swears a lot and is now making references to buggery. That's excluding all of the pedophilia stuff above.

It makes you wonder what goes in the mind of this guy, as well as the minds of those who he closely associates with.


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