February 21, 2006

Simon Brace Composes Vulgar Nursery Rhymes


By way of his irreverent sense of humour, it appears that Brace has his own spin on a popular romantic slogan that has appeared in endless variations in greeting cards galore.

In the midst of enquiring as to the whereabouts of a GuruRatings member, poems in her honour were invited. Simon's contribution is as follows:

Roeses are red
violets are blue
my names sai
who the f**k are u?

Creative, huh? It almosts sounds like something that Sai Baba might say!

Funny, considering what Simon said just three days ago to someone who mocked his guru:

Youre normally MUCH more graphic and downright FILTHY
than this!
Let it flow.......man..let it all out..
what are u afraid of?

just dont get too filty thoug eh!
dont think you will though...u dont want people to know
what you're RERALLY like..do you?

Looks to me that the never-ending hypocrisy continues to tighten it's grip.


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