March 09, 2006

Maitreya Gave Simon Brace A Headache?

Sai: It's all so easy to riddicule someone, isn't it?
Often just because their vision of something, is
different to our own. We somehow believe that
the 'other' is crazy, stupid, deluded ...

Y'know, I don't just believe in Maitreya, because
it seems like a good idea ... or because I have a
need - a desperation to believe in something.
I've no doubts that I had an encounter with him..
I have felt - tangibly felt energy, via the overshadowing
of Benjamin Creme (even down to giving me a headache)
interestingly, my sister did not feel the energy - but got
a headache at the exact same time.
After probably, 10 years, of often disabaling pain, and
despite all the strongest pain killers provided by GP's, my
father was relieved of ALL of it - through the taking of
homeopathic tablets, from a source, charged by Maitreya
I too, was relieved of stomach troubles, from the same.
No placebo effect, no expectation ... he didn't even know
what they were.
Interestingly too, when I could not care for him any longer,
and he had to go into a home, the tablets were stopped,
and back came the debilitating pain.
This is not 'pie in the sky', but tangible 'reality'.
I could go on ...
Many people - thousands of people, have experiened
Maitreya, some of them, world leaders.
I completely understand that all 'this', can sound incredible
unbelievable even, to some.
But just because something lies outside of ones own
personal experience, doesn't mean that it isn't so.


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