February 21, 2006

Is Simon a Boxer?

Make up your own minds:

Sai: Ok, but I gotta tell ya..
you're gonna need a jolly good ref, Larry.

Tony's a wise old son of a gun!
He know's his way around the ring alright.
Sure, he'll trip up often..
but he's a dirty fighter i tell ya!
It's not for nothing, that he draws attention
to, 'bollocks', often.
and if that ref ain't on the ball..
well you can bet old 'Surya', will be singing
like one of the 'bee gees' soon enough..
It'll only be a matter of time, before
Tony pulls the old, "What's that up there"?
trick..and while everyone's distracted for
a split sec, instead of saying,
'it's a load of bollocks'...
poor old Surya will have been kicked in 'em!



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