January 01, 2006

My Interaction With Simon Brace

I have had the distinct (dis)pleasure of interacting with Simon Brace only over the last few months or so. Currently I have no further interest to interact with him due to his disgraceful lack of manners and woefully low standards of argumentation.

At a time when I returned to the Sai Baba discussion boards to check in on what was going on, he appeared to be posting heated exchanges with Tony O'Clery on a regular basis. After reading one of these exchanges, my curiosity was aroused by one of his comments about Vedanta. I proceeded to politely question him about his experience in studying Vedanta and how it applied to the issues he was discussing.

After receiving several evasive replies, he then proceeded to engage on perhaps the most silliest and unmitigated campaign of character assassination against me.

Further exchanges proved to me that there was simply no point in wasting efforts discussing with someone who possessed a shockingly tiny capacity for reasonable and logical debate, blatant evasion of direct questions, as well as making the most lamest and cheapest below-the-belt pot shots ever.

With this blog I'll hope to document the never-ending farce that is Simon Brace.


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