September 14, 2006

Making Defamatory Threats

Hot on the heels of Lisa De Witt's wishing death on Sai Baba's critics, we now have the drunken lunatic making idle threats:

Talking of criminal matters.. I shall be making enquires tomorrow, in regards to YOUR - Sanjay Dadlini aka, H.H. Swamiexposedananda potential peadophilic behaviour/actions.

I shall be making contact with child watch organizations and posibly the police too, in the Middlesex area ... alerting them (if they don't know of you already) that there is a sexual pervert - and possible peadophile, in their midst.

People who think child porn is 'ok', and people that download it ... NEED TO BE WATCHED!

I will also be making enquires as to which University you attend. People like you, should NOT - in ANY way shape or form ... be allowed to work with vulnerable people! One has to suspect your motives for even wanting to!

Is he a retard or something? Where is his proof of my alleged "potential paedophile behaviour/actions"? Or of my "downloading of child pornography"? He is simply repeating ad infinitum things that have been discussed (and disproved) before with mindless swallowing of it.

This drunken drug-addicted fool has forgotten all about his own sick fascination with paedophilia and is now trying desperately to project it onto others! This too with his continuing obsession with sex and his homo-erotic flirtations with other males?

Yep, someone had better inform the Nottingham constabulary.