March 08, 2006

What The HECK Is He Raving On About?

Simon Brace burst the door open and said this:

Ok, I just can't do it anymore!
I've tried my best..
but it seems my best just isn't quite good enough.
The lies, the great deceptions ... oh, the evil of it all!
It's just become way too heavy for this soul to bear any
I'm sure just hoping that Sarlo has an effective witness
protection, facility in place here, at GR?
The FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6, perhaps even the Mossad!
Whilst it's true, that I'm privy to some of the greatest secrets
known to man ... like ever!
I'm not sure that even my security level, reaches high on up
to the very top; there could be a myriad of bad guys out for
my blood!

What Gene was saying earlier, well ...
it's all true!
There - phew! I feel better already!
Yes, it's all true!
The powers that be are out to 'get them all' (not my words)
'Finger of God' sattelites?
But even they, are just the tip of the iceberg.
Not only are there BIG 'fingers' - sattelites, hovering
above us, whose technology is totally awsome
(light bending capscity transcends all known laws) there are
mini sattelites also; they are known, by those in the know, as
'little toes'. you think the 'fingers' are something special?
Well let me tell ... they have NOTHING! ... on the 'little toes'!

Circles of light on buildings and streets ... childs play!

40ft Crosses of light in an enclosed building, and smaller
crosses in multitudes of homes around the planet, means that
we're now moving into a whole new ball game! Hence, the
development of the 'little toes'.
'Little', being the operative word!

Y'know, I get the feeling that some of you may think that Gene
goes over the top sometimes - is stuck in some kinda delusional
state of thinking, with all his 'Sci-Fi', stuff.
Not so!
If only you knew!
Well, now i'm gonna tell you about a couple of sci-fi 'things' ...
that are actually factually based.
Specifically, the film 'Inner Space', and ..
a factually based series, which went by the name of,
' Star Treck The Next Generation'

Yes, those Fingers (FOG's) exist, and are orbiting in outer space
(sorry, but I won't go as far as providing the exact co-ordinates)
As i've said, contorting light, into various angles, and keeping an
image stable, is childs play.
I'm sure most of you will be not so surprised, to hear that.
what I think you 'may' be surprised at, is the technology involved
with the 'little toes'.

The film, 'Inner Spave' - where humans were minaturized, down
to almost microscopic proportions. Well..
it's all true!
These 'LT's' (little toes) are actually commanded - piloted, by
little biddy people!
This is how they get to project images, into enclosed buildings.

You may have have heard the phrase, 'fingers and thumbs' ..
well let me tell you, that the ideal, is fingers and toes!
Because that is where the 'LT's, hang out ... in outer space man!
Docked, onto the side of the 'fingers'

Form the larger 'eye', of the 'FOG' ... earth is scanned, for suitable
venues, for these 'Crosses of Light', to appear.
The signal is given...
and the 'little toes', undock, and zoom on down to earth; appearing
at the exact co-ordinates, given by the 'fingers'

How small are they?
Good question! Tiny!
they are disguised - look like, flys!

Ahh, I know what you're thinking..
'how do they manage to carry enough fuel ... to make it to and fro,
into orbit'?
Warp drive!
Little - mini, warp drives, are fitted to all, the little toes.

But now .. and I feel responsible to warn you of this!
Be careful!
Be nice!
Dont kill flys!

The reason?
Well, not only is 'ahimsa', a very good thing ..
But these 'LT's' (which LOOk, like flys)
Are equiped with photon torpedoes ... and phasers!
And let me tell you something else..
they are not set to 'stun'!

Ok, I gotta go now..
I feel scared s***less ... but relieved of guilt, somewhat.
Can you imagine how difficult it is - the burden, of keeping
such earth shattering secrets to oneself???

It's not been an easy ride..


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