February 01, 2006

Pro-Sai Movie Buffs

First Gerald Moreno insinuates that he has seen the Harry Potter movies (though claims not to have read the books), we now have Simon who appears to have watched 'Toy Story', or possibly 'Toy Story 2'.

"Sai: I agree, WHOLE-heartedly, Durga! You can become 'enlightened' (big one!) at any moment; but... you have to be ripe! Just like that juicy peach on the tree ... well, not quite juicy just yet - but at any moment, it shall become so.. after, it has completed it's 'process'. If it's a week away from becoming ripe, then no way josie..can it become ripe, today! And so it is, with the incarnating soul ... life after life, it purifys - refines - transmutes matter, untill finally, one grand and blessed day, whoooooooooooooosh.... infinity and beyond! Just like that peach ... free falling now, weeeeeeeee... freed from it's prison of a vehicle."

Simon's candid description of attaining enlightenment can be found here:


"To Infinity and Beyond" is the catchphrase of Buzz Lightyear, the central character in the children's movie 'Toy Story'.

Lisa De Witt was compared to Smeagol some time ago. Since I have no idea who Smeagol is, I googled and found out that it was the name of a rather abusive and nasty character in the 'Lord of the Rings' movie. Since Lisa De Witt is observable as an abusive and nasty character, I find it to be a fitting comparison.

Why do the pro-Sais watch such childish movies?


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