February 21, 2006

Simon Keeps On Ranting

I would like to give comment on this, especially with all the spelling mistakes and all, but why mess with it's genius? See if you can make any sense of this:

Thank you Sarlo..appreciatethat.
i really try hard here not to say antything about sb..
i really do.
Even though - at least to my mind..i can refute everything
that tonmy says. I dont do.
that is not easy!
even plain lies that can be documently - provably be refuted
i don't do...well hardly ever now.
I am not perfect, and sometimes i may find it difficult to srtay
I appreciate that a lot here - including you do not want
to hear of SB...and i really try to honour that!
I really do!
just would like you to be aware of this..that i am
not seeking to promote him....or eeven mention him!

I believe that tony thinksSB to be guilty
But tony..like i do, knows that he lies prolifically
and he knows that the anti-sais, lie and fabricate
prolifically...he knows this!

So he understands where i am coming from.
he probably thinks that the ends justify the means
they dont. he doesnt know anything..and he knows it.
he believes, what he believes..but he hasn't experienced
and that.,..as i see it..is the crux of it
he never experienced SB when he was a devotee
i could say why that be the case!
ok...i will!
he was always too enmeshed in his ego!
big ego...SB..domt wanna know!
cos whats trhe point?
when the syudent is ready...
you know the rest.
A student with big ego..is not ready.
its a sham.
and so he never experienced anything.
It's well known...those with big ego...get the blank treatment
that is the workshop. the best teaching.
Tolny has big ego..want s to be this...wants to be that..
but hes pretending...hes not ready to surrender

that is why he nevr experienced SB!
Sincere people ... experience him the world over!
He was not sincere..hge get jealous..
he think..well bllooddy hell! why not i get honoured?
he a pretender...and he know it.

I actually dont carry on with tony on other boards
i gave that up..no point to it
if u notice though..
soon as i come back here..
WHAM! Tony appears too!
taunting me, and tryting to provoke
opk...i be quiet now..
i try not to respond to him..say anything more

i know i'm ranting right now!
sometimnes it flows...

Well the last part is true, certainly. :-)


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