October 14, 2006

Who Gives A Shit?

September 14, 2006

Making Defamatory Threats

Hot on the heels of Lisa De Witt's wishing death on Sai Baba's critics, we now have the drunken lunatic making idle threats:

Talking of criminal matters.. I shall be making enquires tomorrow, in regards to YOUR - Sanjay Dadlini aka, H.H. Swamiexposedananda potential peadophilic behaviour/actions.

I shall be making contact with child watch organizations and posibly the police too, in the Middlesex area ... alerting them (if they don't know of you already) that there is a sexual pervert - and possible peadophile, in their midst.

People who think child porn is 'ok', and people that download it ... NEED TO BE WATCHED!

I will also be making enquires as to which University you attend. People like you, should NOT - in ANY way shape or form ... be allowed to work with vulnerable people! One has to suspect your motives for even wanting to!

Is he a retard or something? Where is his proof of my alleged "potential paedophile behaviour/actions"? Or of my "downloading of child pornography"? He is simply repeating ad infinitum things that have been discussed (and disproved) before with mindless swallowing of it.

This drunken drug-addicted fool has forgotten all about his own sick fascination with paedophilia and is now trying desperately to project it onto others! This too with his continuing obsession with sex and his homo-erotic flirtations with other males?

Yep, someone had better inform the Nottingham constabulary.

March 15, 2006

Simon Brace: Still Desirable?

After 'Ana' (a GuruRatings netizen) posted a spiritual poem:

There is no reality outside my mirage
there is no reality inside my dream

there is only This
fragmentation of my Soul,

A mirror I have broken,
filled in the reflection of You

slowly disappearing,
even as I write
with these trembling hands.

Simon asked her:

are your hands trembeling...
becauese you love me Ana ?
do u want me?

Yeah sure.

Hallelujah! Praise Be!

Thus spake Simon Brace, for no feasible reason whatsoever:

"A fukin amen!

thats how it si!

thats how it is!"

Don't ask me what he meant, I haven't a clue.

March 10, 2006

Simon Brace Dishes Out Advice On False Penises

Almost to confirm Simon's new penis fascination, he says this:

Oh, another thing..
have you got a fake willy?
Could come in handy!
I saw a few months ago, how some sports
person, had been caught using a prosthetic
willy. Yeah! It was connected to some kind
of bag, with urine in it, and he ... well, not
sure how it worked!
But i'm sure you could succeed where he
failed - I think he'd got away with it before
Maybe you could use a sausage - or a BIG
Something like that?
Tell 'em you're a little shy, if they wanna see
Poke a straw through the middle, and...well,
bob's ya uncle! :-)

Uh, okay.

Simon's Penis Fascination

As well as the development of a worrying anus and anal sex obsession, it now appears that Simon thinks nothing much of talking about his penis for no reason at all under the pretence of being humorous. In the middle of a discussion with a lady, who mentioned that she had 'snipped' part of the original text in her reply, Simon Brace said the following:

"Well, as long as it's not the kind of snipping that my Moslem work mates keep telling me to have done ... feel free to snip!"

If this is how he speaks to the ladies, it's no wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend.

March 09, 2006

Maitreya Gave Simon Brace A Headache?

Sai: It's all so easy to riddicule someone, isn't it?
Often just because their vision of something, is
different to our own. We somehow believe that
the 'other' is crazy, stupid, deluded ...

Y'know, I don't just believe in Maitreya, because
it seems like a good idea ... or because I have a
need - a desperation to believe in something.
I've no doubts that I had an encounter with him..
I have felt - tangibly felt energy, via the overshadowing
of Benjamin Creme (even down to giving me a headache)
interestingly, my sister did not feel the energy - but got
a headache at the exact same time.
After probably, 10 years, of often disabaling pain, and
despite all the strongest pain killers provided by GP's, my
father was relieved of ALL of it - through the taking of
homeopathic tablets, from a source, charged by Maitreya
I too, was relieved of stomach troubles, from the same.
No placebo effect, no expectation ... he didn't even know
what they were.
Interestingly too, when I could not care for him any longer,
and he had to go into a home, the tablets were stopped,
and back came the debilitating pain.
This is not 'pie in the sky', but tangible 'reality'.
I could go on ...
Many people - thousands of people, have experiened
Maitreya, some of them, world leaders.
I completely understand that all 'this', can sound incredible
unbelievable even, to some.
But just because something lies outside of ones own
personal experience, doesn't mean that it isn't so.

March 08, 2006

What The HECK Is He Raving On About?

Simon Brace burst the door open and said this:

Ok, I just can't do it anymore!
I've tried my best..
but it seems my best just isn't quite good enough.
The lies, the great deceptions ... oh, the evil of it all!
It's just become way too heavy for this soul to bear any
I'm sure just hoping that Sarlo has an effective witness
protection, facility in place here, at GR?
The FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6, perhaps even the Mossad!
Whilst it's true, that I'm privy to some of the greatest secrets
known to man ... like ever!
I'm not sure that even my security level, reaches high on up
to the very top; there could be a myriad of bad guys out for
my blood!

What Gene was saying earlier, well ...
it's all true!
There - phew! I feel better already!
Yes, it's all true!
The powers that be are out to 'get them all' (not my words)
'Finger of God' sattelites?
But even they, are just the tip of the iceberg.
Not only are there BIG 'fingers' - sattelites, hovering
above us, whose technology is totally awsome
(light bending capscity transcends all known laws) there are
mini sattelites also; they are known, by those in the know, as
'little toes'. you think the 'fingers' are something special?
Well let me tell ... they have NOTHING! ... on the 'little toes'!

Circles of light on buildings and streets ... childs play!

40ft Crosses of light in an enclosed building, and smaller
crosses in multitudes of homes around the planet, means that
we're now moving into a whole new ball game! Hence, the
development of the 'little toes'.
'Little', being the operative word!

Y'know, I get the feeling that some of you may think that Gene
goes over the top sometimes - is stuck in some kinda delusional
state of thinking, with all his 'Sci-Fi', stuff.
Not so!
If only you knew!
Well, now i'm gonna tell you about a couple of sci-fi 'things' ...
that are actually factually based.
Specifically, the film 'Inner Space', and ..
a factually based series, which went by the name of,
' Star Treck The Next Generation'

Yes, those Fingers (FOG's) exist, and are orbiting in outer space
(sorry, but I won't go as far as providing the exact co-ordinates)
As i've said, contorting light, into various angles, and keeping an
image stable, is childs play.
I'm sure most of you will be not so surprised, to hear that.
what I think you 'may' be surprised at, is the technology involved
with the 'little toes'.

The film, 'Inner Spave' - where humans were minaturized, down
to almost microscopic proportions. Well..
it's all true!
These 'LT's' (little toes) are actually commanded - piloted, by
little biddy people!
This is how they get to project images, into enclosed buildings.

You may have have heard the phrase, 'fingers and thumbs' ..
well let me tell you, that the ideal, is fingers and toes!
Because that is where the 'LT's, hang out ... in outer space man!
Docked, onto the side of the 'fingers'

Form the larger 'eye', of the 'FOG' ... earth is scanned, for suitable
venues, for these 'Crosses of Light', to appear.
The signal is given...
and the 'little toes', undock, and zoom on down to earth; appearing
at the exact co-ordinates, given by the 'fingers'

How small are they?
Good question! Tiny!
they are disguised - look like, flys!

Ahh, I know what you're thinking..
'how do they manage to carry enough fuel ... to make it to and fro,
into orbit'?
Warp drive!
Little - mini, warp drives, are fitted to all, the little toes.

But now .. and I feel responsible to warn you of this!
Be careful!
Be nice!
Dont kill flys!

The reason?
Well, not only is 'ahimsa', a very good thing ..
But these 'LT's' (which LOOk, like flys)
Are equiped with photon torpedoes ... and phasers!
And let me tell you something else..
they are not set to 'stun'!

Ok, I gotta go now..
I feel scared s***less ... but relieved of guilt, somewhat.
Can you imagine how difficult it is - the burden, of keeping
such earth shattering secrets to oneself???

It's not been an easy ride..

Simon Brace On Conspiracy Theories

After a few of his GuruRatings friends discussed scientific reasons for the Maitreya light flashes that caused Simon to jump up and down in excitement, he had the following to say:

I'm not interested in conspiracy theories ... some people believe anything! :-)

No kidding. Simon Brace believes that a murderous homosexual pedophile is God incarnated on earth.

Simon Brace Dishes Out Pot Advice

After admitting his chronic addiction to cannabis, Simon has the following advice to give to a pot-smoker:

sai: well one thing i will tell ya my friend..
just take it easty ok!
the soul feeds its vehicle throiugh the medium of the nadis
a very subtle gas...smoking ganja is not so hot for the nervous system
acid and other hallucengns are even worse.. can almost ruin an entire
incarnation by the damage they cause
just take i easy

Yeah, whatever. Perhaps he shouldn't have tried spending all of his money on it before growing his own. Smoking ganja hurts the bank balance too.

Simon: Maitreya Evangelist and Fundamentalist

By way of explaining his recent behaviour, Simon says:

well it is a...well potentailly BIG subject, and is not easy to know
where to satert

He can start with spelling lessons.

i dont want to say tooo much, as is not that welcome here
but i will just say that these are some of the MANY examples of
floooding the world right now...they are pointers...to the emergence
of Maitreya buddha's open emergence
he is here already...and has been since 1977...ask nelson mandela how
he got his freedom1
ask micheal gorbecheve why...what inspired hoim to implement
peroistrika, and the end of the cold war....if he was still alive, you
could ask yassser arfat and the king of jorden why they changed there
they all had experiences - visitations of maitrya

praise the lord!

So just to recap, according to Simon Brace, the following progresses in world affairs are due to visitations by Maitreya:

  • South Africa, freedom from apartheid
  • Mikhail Gorbachev's implementation of perestroika
  • The end of the Cold War

I suppose Maitreya's influence was also behind the extra spoon of sugar in my tea this morning.

Simon Brace: Laser Light Showman!

On March 1st, Simon uploaded several pictures of buildings into the GuruRatings photos section. When he was asked about the significance of these buildings, this is what he replied:

those pics are an example..just one of many
of the 'miracles' that are floofing the world right now
as promised...and as reported by the media..an exponential rise of
are a happing righ tnow

they are are signs pointong to the emergence of maitryea
they are floooding the world right now

get ready!

And here's the proof:

Yeahhhhhh! Maitreya, yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!

More information here. *rolls eyes*

Simon Brace: EXPOSED Drug Abuser

Out of his own mouth: Simon Brace used to smoke. What he used to smoke isn't clear but he talks about cannabis (marijuana, ganja) and supposedly hosted a room full of cannabis plants! Does it make any difference if he smoked cigarettes or joints, when he relentless castigates anti-Sai activists for their perceived and imagined faults and ignores the hypocritical drug-abusing and alcohol-abusing tendencies in himself?

I made a sarcastic remark earlier which appears to be true. Oh, the irony!

sai: you mean to tel me...that nothing gets you down?
you are free?
you live in joy?
why then ar u smokoing?
i used to smoke...used to smoke ALOT all my money went on it
i had a room...a bedroom that was fillled with plants..a growing light
smoking was a BIG thing part of my life
one day..
i got BLASTED with this light...this energy
BLIIS pure bliss...freedom
minutes after...
i went into that roomm
and i destroyed all those plants
you know something else?
i9 didnt but any more ganja after that
but i dried those plants outs...smoked a few joints..
you know what?
it brought me down!
it alterd the natural state that i was in...the joy that was with me
the smoking was a lesser feeling....much less

harry, i know that your everday experience is not of that
you know it too. I know if your experience was of that..then you would
not be smoking...i know it
its not just you...not talking of just you
peoples experince isn't of that...its easy to see!
its easy to see man!
pain and suffering...loniless despair..,inter mi9xed with joy and
thats the normal -everyday consciousnsess
people arent free...c'mon!

Language, boy, language!

I haven't a clue what's going on here. Simon's ranting in a neo-spiritual way and then starts employing profanity to make his "spiritual" point:

listen my man..
i can tell you from the soul!
from the core of my being that there is something 'bettter' than you
now experience.
man! i wish i was experiencing it now!
can u imagine feeling pure bliss?
can u imagine feeling that bliss and equanimity..
and then, and then having the thought...the question of'what would i
feel like if i was hoimeless...sleeping in a shop doorway...my house
burnt down'?
and the answer...the awarness being that..even that, copuld not affect
your equanimiity...could not affect the joy of your being?

fukin wow!

thats what im talkin about. and thats what gets to me..
#when i hear people saying that nothing changes...that theres no big deal
there fucking is!

March 07, 2006

Simon Brace: Rants a bit and then gambles

I can't make head nor tail of this. All I can see is a rant and then enquiries about gambling:

Sai: Now listen here Barry! Get back to the music,
and leave all this behind! I've told you that's where your
future lies...where your great talent is!

Only in the sense of...well, like Ramana for example - saying
that the Self is always realized, does make that sense.

Yes, we are the Self...you could say, 'period'...and like that
women (who's name I can't remember) in the great Meatloaf
song: 'Paradise by the Dashboard light', say, 'stop right there!'
Leave it as that.
Does it tell the whole story though?
Well really..
it tells nothing of the 'story' does it.
It maybe not important to 'you', or indeed anyone here.
Sure, there's nothing 'really', to 'get', or 'lose' .. 'I am that I am'

The Self is realized - you are that, blah blah... true, true TRUE!
Or, 'yes, yes, yes!' as Meg Ryan once uttered. But..
does Larry 'know' that ... every second of every day - moment
to moment, is that your - Barry's, experience?
Well, realization, 'gives' that to you, Garry!
I'm not saying, chase it ... you're not gonna be at peace, until
you get it - or anything like that.
But in this story - in the world of phenominality, realization
bestows that.
It seems at times, like everyone wants to throw the baby out
with the bath water.

Now then..
now I got that out of my system! :-)
We can discuss what I really wanted to talk about.

You a betting man, then?
Just asking, cos I being tempted to subscribe to one of those
syndicate 'thingies'. Y'know, those guys with the insider info,
and all that jazz, and they supposedly have great success?
Never made a bet before, but i'm getting REAL tempted to
subcribe to this 'thing'.
What do ya say?

Really going to the shop now!

Thank God for that.

What's he chatting about?

when u love it all good
and when u dont..forget about it!

think you're enlightened? do ya love me?
if u say nay..then forfget abnout it!
full of the stinky stuff!

This guy is in serious danger of becoming a wackadoo.