March 07, 2006

Simon Brace: Rants a bit and then gambles

I can't make head nor tail of this. All I can see is a rant and then enquiries about gambling:

Sai: Now listen here Barry! Get back to the music,
and leave all this behind! I've told you that's where your
future lies...where your great talent is!

Only in the sense of...well, like Ramana for example - saying
that the Self is always realized, does make that sense.

Yes, we are the could say, 'period'...and like that
women (who's name I can't remember) in the great Meatloaf
song: 'Paradise by the Dashboard light', say, 'stop right there!'
Leave it as that.
Does it tell the whole story though?
Well really..
it tells nothing of the 'story' does it.
It maybe not important to 'you', or indeed anyone here.
Sure, there's nothing 'really', to 'get', or 'lose' .. 'I am that I am'

The Self is realized - you are that, blah blah... true, true TRUE!
Or, 'yes, yes, yes!' as Meg Ryan once uttered. But..
does Larry 'know' that ... every second of every day - moment
to moment, is that your - Barry's, experience?
Well, realization, 'gives' that to you, Garry!
I'm not saying, chase it ... you're not gonna be at peace, until
you get it - or anything like that.
But in this story - in the world of phenominality, realization
bestows that.
It seems at times, like everyone wants to throw the baby out
with the bath water.

Now then..
now I got that out of my system! :-)
We can discuss what I really wanted to talk about.

You a betting man, then?
Just asking, cos I being tempted to subscribe to one of those
syndicate 'thingies'. Y'know, those guys with the insider info,
and all that jazz, and they supposedly have great success?
Never made a bet before, but i'm getting REAL tempted to
subcribe to this 'thing'.
What do ya say?

Really going to the shop now!

Thank God for that.


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