March 08, 2006

Simon: Maitreya Evangelist and Fundamentalist

By way of explaining his recent behaviour, Simon says:

well it is a...well potentailly BIG subject, and is not easy to know
where to satert

He can start with spelling lessons.

i dont want to say tooo much, as is not that welcome here
but i will just say that these are some of the MANY examples of
floooding the world right now...they are the emergence
of Maitreya buddha's open emergence
he is here already...and has been since 1977...ask nelson mandela how
he got his freedom1
ask micheal gorbecheve why...what inspired hoim to implement
peroistrika, and the end of the cold war....if he was still alive, you
could ask yassser arfat and the king of jorden why they changed there
they all had experiences - visitations of maitrya

praise the lord!

So just to recap, according to Simon Brace, the following progresses in world affairs are due to visitations by Maitreya:

  • South Africa, freedom from apartheid
  • Mikhail Gorbachev's implementation of perestroika
  • The end of the Cold War

I suppose Maitreya's influence was also behind the extra spoon of sugar in my tea this morning.


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