March 08, 2006

Simon Brace: EXPOSED Drug Abuser

Out of his own mouth: Simon Brace used to smoke. What he used to smoke isn't clear but he talks about cannabis (marijuana, ganja) and supposedly hosted a room full of cannabis plants! Does it make any difference if he smoked cigarettes or joints, when he relentless castigates anti-Sai activists for their perceived and imagined faults and ignores the hypocritical drug-abusing and alcohol-abusing tendencies in himself?

I made a sarcastic remark earlier which appears to be true. Oh, the irony!

sai: you mean to tel me...that nothing gets you down?
you are free?
you live in joy?
why then ar u smokoing?
i used to smoke...used to smoke ALOT all my money went on it
i had a room...a bedroom that was fillled with plants..a growing light
smoking was a BIG thing part of my life
one day..
i got BLASTED with this light...this energy
BLIIS pure bliss...freedom
minutes after...
i went into that roomm
and i destroyed all those plants
you know something else?
i9 didnt but any more ganja after that
but i dried those plants outs...smoked a few joints..
you know what?
it brought me down!
it alterd the natural state that i was in...the joy that was with me
the smoking was a lesser feeling....much less

harry, i know that your everday experience is not of that
you know it too. I know if your experience was of that..then you would
not be smoking...i know it
its not just you...not talking of just you
peoples experince isn't of that...its easy to see!
its easy to see man!
pain and suffering...loniless despair..,inter mi9xed with joy and
thats the normal -everyday consciousnsess
people arent free...c'mon!


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