March 08, 2006

Language, boy, language!

I haven't a clue what's going on here. Simon's ranting in a neo-spiritual way and then starts employing profanity to make his "spiritual" point:

listen my man..
i can tell you from the soul!
from the core of my being that there is something 'bettter' than you
now experience.
man! i wish i was experiencing it now!
can u imagine feeling pure bliss?
can u imagine feeling that bliss and equanimity..
and then, and then having the thought...the question of'what would i
feel like if i was hoimeless...sleeping in a shop house
burnt down'?
and the answer...the awarness being that..even that, copuld not affect
your equanimiity...could not affect the joy of your being?

fukin wow!

thats what im talkin about. and thats what gets to me..
#when i hear people saying that nothing changes...that theres no big deal
there fucking is!


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