March 06, 2006

Still ranting on ahimsa


Sai: Imo, it's crucial to recognize in all this:
'existence/life', being hostile, 'thing', just exactly
what is going on, in cosmos.
The Self manifests according to it's vehicle/s,
and no more than this, can it do.
Sure, the Self is all..
but all forms (vehicles of the Self) are evolving, refining..
matter, litterally being spiritualized, in time and space.

It's not easy (in fact it's impossible) for the Self to manifest
itself 'fully', here - in dense physicality, without the matter
of this plane, being spiritualized.
This takes time ... a looooooong time!
The vehicle for the process, being the cycle of rebirth.

Of course, the more evolved the form, the more the Self can
manifest, in ever greater 'purity'.
The human kingdom, is the flower of all earths kingdoms
though there is 'higher' kingdom ..
the biblical, 'kingdom of souls'... that being the 'kingdom' of
the 'realized' - the Ramana's of this world, and, the 'Masters'.

"I died as mineral and became a plant,
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was man..."
- Rumi

So in these 'lower' kingdoms - and in 'nature' itself..
the harmless nature of the Self (ahimsa) is compromised.

Yeah, whatever!


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