March 03, 2006

Is Simon Ranting Again?

Make up your own minds:

Sai: Hey Mambo! Barry!
You're back? :-)

Hey too, snap! That song came to my mind too, as I
read that.

But what about you?

Tryin' to get that feeling again?
Ahh...I knew that you'd make it through the rain!
Sometimes, y'know..
well, I just can't smile without you!

Business in the non-dual sector not doing too well?

You're lucky to have a fall back though, eh.
I KNOW you're fan base will still be there..
just hang on!
Somewhere in the night, well..
could it be magic?
I think so!
Read 'em and weap, doubters!
And this time..
they'll be no gigs in the Bermuda triangle!
We'll open up the copacabana once more..yeah!
It's gonna be somethin special..
Ooooh..i wanna do it with you!

Are you still in contact, with Mandy?


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