March 03, 2006

Symbol Simon

Lets not forget too, that this 'battle' is
one of allegory, and symbolism.
The 'conquering', and 'slaying' of enemies,
relate to those inner demons, that stand as
obstacles to our individual peace.
The 'opulent kingdom', being not an earthly
piece of land, but the peace, and love
experienced, when those 'enemies' of the mind
are slain. That above described, 'opulent Kingdom'
to 'be enjoyed', being an entering, into the
'kingdom of Heaven'

Here Simon Brace is referring to the Battle of Kurukshetra, otherwise known as the Mahabharata war. Although he is entitled to his own opinion, he's cordially invited to the battlefield of Kurukshetra near Haryana, India, and let us know if it's an allegorical or symbolic place.


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